Rules and Regulations

  1. Students/Users must display their valid ID cards when entering and using the Library.
  2. The Library complies to the AIU Student Dress Code. Students/Users are reminded that they must be properly and decently attired when entering and using the Library.
    Improper attire includes the following:
    • Singlets
    • Low decline blouses and spaghetti straps
    • Shorts
    • Mini skirts
    • Midriff blouses
    • Slippers
    • Facial rings or studs (except nose rings)
  3. Smoking, eating and drinking (except mineral or plain water) are forbidden in the Library and the Study Hall.
  4. A quiet environment suitable for study must be maintained as far as possible throughout the library building except in areas specifically set aside for discussion and group work.
  5. Hand phones should be set to silent ring mode.
  6. Users are encourage to put the book(s) on the assigned places once they have finished reading them.
  7. Users are not allowed to remove or to change the arrangement of chairs, tables and any other furnitures in the Library and the Study Hall.
  8. The marking, defacing, mutilation or damaging the printed and non-printed items, any equipment and furniture provided by the Library is strictly forbidden and will be liable to pay the full replacement cost as well as a handling charge and fine.
  9. Scribbling the library printed items is strictly forbidden.
  10. No plagiarism of books are allowed.
  11. Copying is allowed, however users need to observe the Copyright Act accordingly. Please refer to the notice of copying guidelines which is pasted near the photocopier machine before copying any materials.
  12. No library item(s) may be taken out from the Library unless the loan has been recorded. The borrower shall be responsible for loans until the record(s) has been cancelled.
  13. The Library item(s) should be returned before or on the date due. Fine will be imposed to the users who failed to return the item(s) on time.
  14. Users are advised not to leave any valuable and personal belongings unattended in the Library and the Study Hall. The Library will not take any responsibility for any damages and loss of personal belongings that are left unattended in the Library and the Study Hall.
  15. Any losses and damages to library books / materials must be replaced by the users. The charges will be as follows:
    • A replacement copy (being the latest edition at the time of loss) at user’s own expenses, or the user pays double of the price of the current market price of the latest edition of the lost or damaged item.
  16. Users who are caught damaging or stealing the library materials will be sent to the Discipline Board.
  17. Seat booking/hogging is extremely prohibited in the Library and the Study Hall. The Library has the right to confiscate the personal belongings that are left unattended.
  18. Accessing undesirable Internet sites, playing games, chatting, downloading and circulating undesirable materials are strictly prohibited especially when using the computer facilities provided by the Library.
  19. Books must be properly returned before users leave the campus for goods. Therefore, users are required to follow the proper withdrawal procedures.
  20. All members of library staff and the security guard have the right to ask any user who is causing a disturbance to leave the Library.